Happy Saturday!

My wife and I are about to take off for the Longwood Cricket Club in Brookline, MA for an inter-club tennis match, but I wanted to get this post up for you all before the day gets away from me.  Continuing the exploration of spiritual issues, I want to make you aware of an awesome resource……  It is absolutely loaded with resources to help you figure out the mental/spiritual/emotional aspects of life.  I have found the daily quotes to be inspirational and the guest authors relevant and thought-provoking.  Here is a sample of the daily email I receive:

Inspiring Quote of the Day

Here’s today’s quote, by Carl Rogers:

“What I am is good enough if I would only be it openly.”

Through self-acceptance without judgment – instead of feeling that we aren’t good enough – then we can start to respect ourselves. Through self-respect – instead of trying to please another’s expectation – then our true potential can start to shine.

Warm regards, Peter Shepherd

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God Bless


It’s On You!

Greetings Everyone!

I’m hoping this is proving to be a great day and, if not, you’re finding the strength and wisdom to know that “this too shall pass”.  As I mentioned yesterday, being “set for life” requires you to have things pretty well buttoned-up in several areas of your life.  Probably the most basic and fundamental aspect at the root of all the others is our spiritual state.  Think about it for a moment, to the extent you get the majority of your peace, happiness, contentment and joy from external sources, you run the terrible risk of having the circumstances surrounding those external objects totally rule you.  It’s fairly easy to assess how well you’re doing at being spiritually grounded by taking an inventory of your emotions.  Do you experience several extreme emotions during the course of a day? Are they spread among several subjects or concentrated in a few key areas?  The less severe emotional swings you experience, over a smaller group of subjects, the more spiritually grounded you are.

We’ve all run across grumpy, unhappy people who seem to otherwise have it all.  On the other hand, we’ve also run into those incredibly magnetic people who seem to find joy in almost any circumstance.  The good news is that it is totally in your control!  It’s your decision to be a happy, secure, calm, content, or confident person.  It has to come from within, it has to be a conscious choice, a genuine part of your spirit.  People don’t like to hear this because it makes them accountable.  The truth is, excepting psychological abnormalities, it’s your own fault if you’re not “set for life”, no matter what the circumstances.  And if you still doubt that it is you, yourself, that has complete control over your thoughts and how you react to situations, then please tell me who does.  Your best friend?  Your husband, wife or parents?  My friend, you have nothing but trouble ahead if you allow yourself to be the puppet of external things or people.  It’s not always easy to change and old habits die hard, but true happiness and spiritual contentment comes from within and you’ll be much more “set for life” if you understand that and get working on it.

God Bless

Hello world!

Well, this is the first of what I hope will be many articles to come on the various ingredients of your becoming “set for life”.  The term, in itself, requires some further examination as each of you probably envisioned something different that would actually make you feel “set for life”.  Financial security, emotional stability, meaningful relationships, being productive, giving back, health, etc., could all be considered as important components.  My guess is that the first thing that popped into your mind was the one thing you feel is lacking in your life.  Well, hopefully I’ll have some meaningful and relevant advice on how to address it, and don’t be shy about asking for it within the comments section below.

How well prepared are you to deal with what life has to throw at you?  Do you have the emotional, spiritual, financial and relationship strength to handle the storms that will undoubtedly befall you during your brief stay in this physical world?  The purpose of this blog and my posted articles will be to give you the benefit of decades of experience in weathering emotional storms, physical challenges, incredible financial success and failure, near-death experiences and relationship issues.  I can’t predict the order any more than I can predict the flow of life, but whatever the topic, it will most likely be relevant to what I am going through at the time, unless requested to address a specific topic.

So sit back, take the time to read these short posts and hopefully you will find some pearls of wisdom that will help you be “set for life”.